Frequently Asked Questions

Exquisite events with little expense


1. How do I rent items?

Every item has an individual rental price.  After receiving a list of items you would like to rent, I will send you an agreement to digitally sign and you will be able to pay a deposit to hold your items. Even if you don't know everything you want/need, send me what you have so far.  We can always add onto the agreement/make changes.

2.  What if I am unable to pickup or return the items that I wish to rent?

Roundtrip delivery and pickup is available as long as advance notice is given. This fee is determined by location of event and the time of delivery and pickup.  Please see a list of additional delivery/pickup fees:

Delivery and pickup on Monday - Friday 9am-5pm is between $60 and $85 in the greater New Orleans area

Delivery & Pickups on Holidays are EXTRA – call for a Quote

Backyard Deliveries/Pickups are additional $25 fee

Upstairs Deliveries/Pickups add a $75 to $150 fee

Deliveries arranged with less than 48 hour notice may cost extra

Deliveries and pickups on Sunday, as well as pickups after 10pm have a minimum of $100 charge

Our normal & least expensive delivery & pickups are for curbside & scheduled as ANYTIME Mon-Fri between 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM. If a SPECIFIC time is needed (for example, your venue only allows delivery at a certain time)  ADDITIONAL CHARGES will apply. We typically require a minimum 2-3 hour window – there are extra fees if additional staff & vehicles are required when there are limited or exact time requests. Provide ALL time restrictions at time of Reservation!

Call our office to confirm rates – provide as many details for BOTH delivery & pickup regarding the location & time limits as possible.

Rental items will be stacked neatly at the building entrance closest to the back of our delivery truck. Items should be in same condition and location when our staff returns to pick up.

Deliveries that require extra handling beyond the building entrance, or if equipment is not stacked and ready for pick up will require an extra labor charge of at least $75.00 

3.  What if I need to add or change items on my agreement?

You can always make changes to your agreement up to 2 weeks before your event.

4.  What if I want to cancel/remove items from my agreement?

Cancellations within two weeks of your event will receive 50% refund.  Within 48 hours of your event receive no refund.


5.  Will you set up my decorations when you deliver them?

Sure!  Once I know what you're renting, I can estimate how long that will take and I can quote you a setup and teardown price.  For example, if you only need tablecloths put on tables, that will have much less of set up charge than would multiple centerpieces that need water, flowers, etc.  Setup is approximately 20 - 30% of your total.