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About Shari

My name is Shari, I reside in Ponchatoula, Louisiana with my husband Michael, and two of the youngest of our five children. My passion for helping people has been mostly felt throughout the dental community, as I’ve enjoyed 23 years of advocating for exceptional patient care. Through the years I’ve taken the lead in both my professional and my personal life coordinating events. As a loyal client of Decor on a Dime, I have admired and respected the previous owner Michele, for what she has poured her heart into. When the opportunity presented itself to step into ownership, I knew that my dreams aligned with Michele, which is to bring your beautiful vision to life without the overwhelming cost, all while pouring love and attention into your special events. I believe that your event should be everything you dreamed of despite any budget restrictions! So, while your loved “go to decor company” is under new ownership, you can expect the same amazing service!

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