About Michele

My name is Michele Zeller.  I'm a resident of St. Charles parish, with 3 kids and an awesome husband.  I remember the experience of paying for my wedding. I wanted something beautiful, but I also realized that this was a 4 hour event and we weren't rich.  I knew that houses, cars, kids, school, and all the things in life that were to come, would cost money.  

I LOVE to save money.  I use coupons.  I shop smart.  I work hard for my money so I don't just want to throw it away if there's a cheaper option for me.  I use those skills to help you with your event!  I acquire all my inventory at reduced prices, operate out of my home, and pass the savings on to you!

My favorite part of my job is officiating weddings!  I've performed over 600 ceremonies since 2015 and I truly enjoy every single one!  I'm also an officiant for Simply Eloped!


The Small Details

As an officiant your story matters to me. As a designer, your vision becomes mine. And as a coordinator, your budget and timeline are always at the front of my mind. Serving you and your wedding day needs is my absolute pleasure and one I never take forgranted.